From Jay Z to Mad Men: Rock it out in Tailor Made Suits


These days it seems that everyone is wearing a suit. Turn on the T.V and what do you see? Suits! Walk around the CBD at 5 pm, again suits! Turn on the radio they’re even singing about suits!

Donning a suit is so hot right now. It seems that the Mad Men phenomena has really turned the concept of men’s fashion on its ears. What was considered old, stuffy and antiquated, like the Octomum’s contraception cupboard, has suddenly, apparently and without reason, become cool.

Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, P Diddy or Puffy  (whatever his current name incarnation) have taken to wearing a dapper two-piece superfine like the proverbial ducks to water. It’s as if they have traded in their rock star passport for a more gentrified life.  Not that I’m complaining, being a suit designer and all!

These rock ‘n roll “friends” have helped catapult the status of the suit to a “must have” item in every man’s wardrobe and along the way have given a bit of street cred to their personal tailors. Personal tailors?  Well yes, any self-respecting A-listers wouldn’t be caught dead sporting some ‘off the rack’ suit. They are enlisting the help of a tailor and experiencing the benefit of having a suit that is tailor made to fit perfectly to their body.

Having a suit that is tailor bespoke has more to do with empowering than it has to do with expenditure. A good tailor made suit can cost you upwards of $800, but the return on that investment is immeasurable. I have  worked with men on the cusp of landing that big opportunity. In order to set themselves apart they took a leap of faith and sought out the services of a qualified tailor. They empowered themselves to be the best they could be and this investment paid off.

Let’s not get carried away, a tailor can’t raise people from the dead. He isn’t a miracle worker. What he is though is someone who can take what’s there and highlight the best parts. With a bespoke suit you may even discover that person inside you thought never existed.

Simply put, a tailor made suit can be a reflection of who you are, how you see yourselves, and how you would like others to see you. If you want to set yourself apart from the pack then I suggest you find yourself a tailor and get set to run with the wolves.

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