Style, they say never really goes out of season. Hundreds of quotes from the most stylish people over the ages, all seem to suggest the same thing. That style comes from an innate knowledge of oneself.

The extent to which we ever really know ourselves is really about the art of allowing. You simply must allow your self to get to know the real you. Some of the results of this internal questioning may surprise you (and not in a good way), in ways that may rock the foundations of who you perceive yourself to be. Whilst others may give you a sense of self that you may never have known to exist. It is the courage to take the journey to give either of these outcomes that is the art of allowing.


I think of the journey like doing your homework straight after  you get home from school. It can be a right pain in the arse to start, but once began the work gets easier as the memory begins to kick in. It is fresh in the mind, not tainted by the outside world the noise and the junk that can bog and weigh us down. Dont get me wrong, the only first class ticket i ever bought was that of procrastination. So im not saying that its easy, or something that I look forward to doing. Its scary stuff to go inside, to allow yourself to answer things that you might not like the answers to, but it can be a light filled journey as well.


I am a person that has had a great, fun upbringing, filled with love and absurd amounts of laughter, to such an extent that i often hid in the shadows of what the group was doing. It is hard to find yourself in the constant noise of fun. But when something feels so good, you know that there must be a price. And that price was me.
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