Baby Its Cold Outside

When the days get shorter and the wind howls around at your ankles, its time to dust off the winter jackets and scarves, and leap into a new season.

I find it difficult to leave the sunshine and warmth behind, but i will tell you one thing that makes the transition a little easier, that is, shopping! Im talking about the kind of shopping that helps to boost your wardrobe, and add to the clothes you purchased last season. Nothing helps you face a dreary day more easily than some new items of clothing. A simple scarf, or a new pair of shoes, can really make a difference.

Check out the new shapes or colours in the stores at the moment, and try no to be swayed by the ever youthful shop assistants who will tell you that stuff you dont like or dont want is this season’s “must have”. Check out the magazines at the begining of the new season and whatever attracts the eye as desirable is the kind of stuff you should look out for at the shops. But dont be fooled, because the stuff in magazines is styled to within one inch of its life and can look very different in the flesh. You will need to go in and check out the new styles and colours and get into the changerooms to try stuff on. The more you try, the closer you will get to knowing what looks good and what you prefer to see yourself in.

I have said it before, but knowing how best to adorn our bodies is not a blessing bestowed on us at birth. It is like a muscle that needs constant training to glisten in the light. The more you exercise it, the more it will return to you. Dont be detracted by all these well dressed buffoons in the street, you too can look just as well dressed if you took a little time every now and again and go shop.

Shopping at the stores is also very helpful, because if you ever need to purchase clothing online, knowing the cuts and colours reduces the wasteful situation of ordering something that you never had any business in wearing! Allow your mistakes to help you make better decisions in the future. There is nothing worse than having to live those fashion disasters over and over through photos.

So as the new season whispers your name on the cold winds, get out there and find your style. Once the depths of the short days come into play the only person who will be smiling and looking sharp will be you!

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