Style, they say never really goes out of season. Hundreds of quotes from the most stylish people over the ages, all seem to suggest the same thing. That style comes from an innate knowledge of oneself.

The extent to which we ever really know ourselves is really about the art of allowing. You simply must allow your self to get to know the real you. Some of the results of this internal questioning may surprise you (and not in a good way), in ways that may rock the foundations of who you perceive yourself to be. Whilst others may give you a sense of self that you may never have known to exist. It is the courage to take the journey to give either of these outcomes that is the art of allowing.


I think of the journey like doing your homework straight after  you get home from school. It can be a right pain in the arse to start, but once began the work gets easier as the memory begins to kick in. It is fresh in the mind, not tainted by the outside world the noise and the junk that can bog and weigh us down. Dont get me wrong, the only first class ticket i ever bought was that of procrastination. So im not saying that its easy, or something that I look forward to doing. Its scary stuff to go inside, to allow yourself to answer things that you might not like the answers to, but it can be a light filled journey as well.


I am a person that has had a great, fun upbringing, filled with love and absurd amounts of laughter, to such an extent that i often hid in the shadows of what the group was doing. It is hard to find yourself in the constant noise of fun. But when something feels so good, you know that there must be a price. And that price was me.
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Choosing the Right Shirt For your Body Shape

In a world where we are asking more of ourselves and our ability to know right from wrong more often, the one area where we all fall down a little bit is the area of looking good.

If you could afford a personal shopper or stylist it will shortcut your need to understand your own body.

Here are 3 basic rules to help you choose the perfect shirt for you!

Rule #1

Whatever your body shape don’t attempt to disguise it.

Men With A Lean Torso


If you have a very lean torso , choose a close fitted shirt to give you a greater illusion of bulk with your choice of shirt colour and tie.

A wide, cut-away collar* will be the most flattering for you, because the wide shape makes your chin seem more solid. Choose a more subtle pattern like a gingham or a Prince of Wales check to skim away from your profile, and make it less definite.

Single blocks of colour also give the illusion of a bigger torso because the eye scans across the whole shirt without a break. Simple cheeky little rule to help you on your increased beefiness journey.

*collar points at least 7.5cm apart    


Men With A Medium Build


In order to enhance our ur frame choose a shirt that is fitted at the waist. You can check this by holding the shirt in and seeing if the side seam is curved in.

Ts shaping helps make a straight waist look narrow and your shoulders seem broader by creating that swimmer V-shape through the shirt’s cut.

Shirts with a cutaway collar should be worn with a wider knot tie such as a Windsor. If you have a narrow face this makes it seem wider.

Bold patterns and stripes work well on your body type because the bold verticle lines give you the illusion of breadth.

When you choose a pattern shirt a plain tie will work best. You don’t want to look like you have stepped off of the pages of Optical Illusion Weekly. If the shirt is loud then you need to tone it down with a tie of limited vocal range!

Men With Stocky Build


The name of the game here is to make your frame look narrower and your face leaner.

The best way to achieve this is to choose a shirt with straight sides and a back yoke. The yoke allows more ease across the back whilst maintaining the shape of the shirt.

Avoid waist fitted shirts or slim cut shapes as this will cling to your body rather than skimming past it. Slim fit shirts will also pull at the chest area as indicated by bottons that gape and fabric pulling.

Go for a shirt with a longer tail,as this will also help with movement, especially when sitting down.

Choose a shirt with a standard collar* rather than a cutaway, which will make your face look narrower as it draws your eye down to the smallest part of the chin. When wearing a tie, choose a smaller style knot such as a half Windsor or a four in the hand, which fit in best with the collar shape.

Slim verticle stripes are best as the draw the eye up and down and not across the torso, helping you appear narrower.

*collar points no more than 5 cm from point to point
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Everyone’s Crazy For a Sharp Dressed Man




If you’re not born brilliant or you don’t have the ability to solve mathematical equations that prove the existence of extra dimensions in space, then the chances are you were born (like me), average.

Being average in no way should limit you, some of the most successful humans have recognised their shortcomings and risen to the top of their game in spite of it. What sets them apart is their above average passion to be successful and prosperous.

In order to tap into this prosperity I have been researching ways to set myself apart. To feel as though I have the power, when to the average person nothing about me has really changed.

I’ve taken to reading books by people claiming to have the solutions to my Mr Average status. These professionals have been telling me that if I set my intentions, then the success will come to me. If I set my mind on it , then by sheer force of will success will be guaranteed.

The more I read about this phenomenon the more interested that I become. Are they really saying that the way to success, wealth and or happiness is within me?

Surely this theory is too easy?

Napolean Hill from his book Dress for Success- the Psychology of Good Clothes expressed this exact notion, that there is a close connection between clothes and success. Clinical Psychologist Dr Jennifer Baumgartner explains ‘when you dress in a certain way, it helps shift your internal self’.

In essence both of these authors have come to the conclusion that the way that we dress can impact positively on ourselves and the way that others perceive us.

Next time you are called into a board meeting, check out who you are checking out. Chances are it is the guy or the girl who is impeccably dressed and groomed. The impression they make on you will be remembered long after the meeting is finished.

They are no better than you , but they learnt that to set themselves apart they had to dress the part. They backed themselves in, and made you believe in them, they way that they believed in themselves.

Do a little experiment with yourself (don’t get awkward), when you are preparing for your next meeting, rock out your best suit, visit the pletheroa of hipster barber/ hair salons in your area and dress like your the CEO of some big Corporation. Corporation YOU. I bet on my Grandmothers boots that people will start taking notice as soon as you walk in and will be wondering who the “new” guy is! This kind of attention will help you get your foot in the door and set a whole new agenda for yourself.

People appreciate the effort and will think of you in a more positive way which is perfect if you are in line for a promotion or a pay rise!

So remember if you weren’t born brilliant you can dress for success and give yourself an upper hand….because as they say everyone IS crazy for a sharp dressed man.


Sixborn love the guys at  Tie The Knot. Amazing Ties. An amazing reason to buy amazing ties. Check them out:


Fashion. New Style


Knowledge Is Power

The thing about fashion is that one day your wearing skinny legged trousers, and the next your being asked to wear flared pants. It’s a never ending ebb and flow of ideas and colours, cuts and trends. Fashion can be about the pulse of the world, the economy,  or the overall attitude of society. Fashion never stops, you either go with it or go without it.

Yet, Fashion is probably the most misunderstood of all the creative industries, it is an enigma that most of us are ashamed to acknowledge we are part of. Yet each one of us is impacted by it daily. The decisions we make as to what we wear are determined years before by Fashion Designers and the Fashion Industry, the industry most of us denounce of ever having any knowledge about.

The fact we know very little about the Fashion Industry, means that we make decisions to clothe ourselves blindly and we allow other people to make decisions about how we adorn our bodies.

Sometimes it can be our partners, friends, families, or too many tacky TV programs, who influence our style. We empower others to help define us, how we look as we move through the world. You see it everyday, men being dragged around shopping malls, with badly advised haircuts and clothes that are way inappropriate, having being told that look like a better version of themselves.

This could all be avoided if we accepted that Fashion can be an important part of our day. Business men at the top of their game are always usually groomed well, suits pressed, hair coiffed. It’s no coincidence that some of the highest paid jobs often carry a dress code. But the dress code isn’t specifically about the exact cuts of suits or the latest must have fabrics, but really a code of “Best Self”. Dressing as a way of respecting future clients who will invest in your expertise, and knowledge.

My best piece of advice is treat fashion as you would the gym, or any other routine. Little bits and more often can help a lot more, than big twice yearly shops. The more you research about the things you like the better the decisions you will make when you do finally decide to go out shopping, and the more like your “Best Self” you will become.

Because as they say, knowledge is power


 I wear leggings.

Not just at the gym. Not just at yoga or ballet.  EVERYWHERE.

Yes, that’s right.  Those stretchy shiny black leg stuffing tights that people substitute as pants? They’re my wardrobe staple.

Please don’t judge me.  It’s just that, well, I HATE jeans.  “WHAT???” you say –  “who is this crazypants jeans hater and what is she doing on a fashion blog loving leggings like some kind of Li-lo denialist???” Settle down there I say.  There is no need for such liberal use of the question mark.  And let’s leave Lindsay out of this.  Let me explain.

I’ve got a weird body. Oddly shaped.  I don’t fit the magazine mould for ‘apple’ or ‘pear’ – I’m no kind of fruit at all.  I’m over 6′ 1″ with a short bricky body, no waist, no boobs, and legs that go forever.  Sounds good doesnt it? Walk a mile in my size 12 shoes, darlings.  It’s no picnic. Maxi dresses are never maxi enough, mini skirts are not an option, heels leave people gaping skywards and as for pants? I just say no.

For my entire awkward adolescent life, and beyond into my early 20’s, I had suffered from what’s known in the medical fashion world as “anklearis frozenitis”.  Where pants the world over stopped short a good two inches above the ankles, leaving my pale skin cold and exposed.

The humiliation was always exacerbated by smug shop assistants who, upon seeing my enormous frame, would exclaim “oh we have ones that will fit you!” and like some sick fashion challenge, subject me to dozens of ill fitting options before crumbling in defeat.

They were the worst of times. While all my friends were wearing cute little bootleg Sass and Bide, or hipster Lee jeans, I was forced to shop meekly in the men’s section at Just Jeans.  No, I was not decades ahead of the boyfriend jean trend. I was just desperate. I was forced to wear baggy jeans and sling them low on my hips so they’d reach an acceptable level and meet my flat, ugly skater shoes.  My musical tastes changed accordingly to rap and hip hop.  I wore baseball caps and baggy shirts and looked like an uncomfortable pre-pubescent boy.

The advent of internet shopping was my bright light at the end of the tunnel.  But though my search engine worked overtime on “tall girl clothes”, the results were always ill-fitting and poorly made.

And over the years, with the explosion of shopping chains, with more choice than ever, the situation has not improved.

So I renounced jeans. I banned pants.  I scoffed at Maxi’s.  And I embraced the safe, comfortable legging.  Not on it’s own, mind you, I remain to this day highly opposed to visible camel toe and panty line.  But teamed with a dress, a long , belted shirt and a nice ballet flat, it works for me.

And you know what I realized? It looked fine. Those abnormally long legs I hated as a teenager turned out to be a good asset. And in (high denier) skin-tight black leggings, I can go on and flaunt it, ankles covered.

I believe it’s called dressing for your shape.  And it’s not always easy, and sometimes you gotta go through a lotta pain and hip-hop to find what works for you. So haters begone.  I will not be defined by denim. ‘Cos these long legs love a legging.

And now, the sky is the limit for this giant black duck. No longer will I be dictated to by the fashions and seasons.  No longer will I curse my body because it doesn’t “work” with the latest trends.  Because I’ve found something that works

for me and I’m building my style around it.  That’s why the world needs more SIXBORN.  It’s not just for apples or pears.  It’s the place for pineapples and bricks, for figure 8’s and figure 2’s. A place where difference is embraced, where the fashion fringe can find their style.  And whilst I’m still jeans-shy, I’m seeing my fashion therapist.


And this summer, when you see me rocking a SIXBORN maxi, your jaw wont be the only thing hitting the floor.  Finally, the fabric will be too.