Choosing the Right Shirt For your Body Shape

In a world where we are asking more of ourselves and our ability to know right from wrong more often, the one area where we all fall down a little bit is the area of looking good.

If you could afford a personal shopper or stylist it will shortcut your need to understand your own body.

Here are 3 basic rules to help you choose the perfect shirt for you!

Rule #1

Whatever your body shape don’t attempt to disguise it.

Men With A Lean Torso


If you have a very lean torso , choose a close fitted shirt to give you a greater illusion of bulk with your choice of shirt colour and tie.

A wide, cut-away collar* will be the most flattering for you, because the wide shape makes your chin seem more solid. Choose a more subtle pattern like a gingham or a Prince of Wales check to skim away from your profile, and make it less definite.

Single blocks of colour also give the illusion of a bigger torso because the eye scans across the whole shirt without a break. Simple cheeky little rule to help you on your increased beefiness journey.

*collar points at least 7.5cm apart    


Men With A Medium Build


In order to enhance our ur frame choose a shirt that is fitted at the waist. You can check this by holding the shirt in and seeing if the side seam is curved in.

Ts shaping helps make a straight waist look narrow and your shoulders seem broader by creating that swimmer V-shape through the shirt’s cut.

Shirts with a cutaway collar should be worn with a wider knot tie such as a Windsor. If you have a narrow face this makes it seem wider.

Bold patterns and stripes work well on your body type because the bold verticle lines give you the illusion of breadth.

When you choose a pattern shirt a plain tie will work best. You don’t want to look like you have stepped off of the pages of Optical Illusion Weekly. If the shirt is loud then you need to tone it down with a tie of limited vocal range!

Men With Stocky Build


The name of the game here is to make your frame look narrower and your face leaner.

The best way to achieve this is to choose a shirt with straight sides and a back yoke. The yoke allows more ease across the back whilst maintaining the shape of the shirt.

Avoid waist fitted shirts or slim cut shapes as this will cling to your body rather than skimming past it. Slim fit shirts will also pull at the chest area as indicated by bottons that gape and fabric pulling.

Go for a shirt with a longer tail,as this will also help with movement, especially when sitting down.

Choose a shirt with a standard collar* rather than a cutaway, which will make your face look narrower as it draws your eye down to the smallest part of the chin. When wearing a tie, choose a smaller style knot such as a half Windsor or a four in the hand, which fit in best with the collar shape.

Slim verticle stripes are best as the draw the eye up and down and not across the torso, helping you appear narrower.

*collar points no more than 5 cm from point to point
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