Is Customer Service Dead?



A client recently walked into a department store, money in hand ready to buy himself a suit. The purchase was to coincide with an event he was hosting to attract investors to his business venture. He was a little apprehensive because he was dreading the barrage of sales staff he thought he would be confronted with and he was sure they were going to lead him to the bigger man’s suiting (after all, he had put on a few kilograms since becoming a dad), or coerce him into a suit he didn’t want to buy. Admittedly he didn’t go in with the best mindset because as you know, what you think is often what you attract.


A curious thing happened that day to change his opinion of the shopping experience. He waited and waited and did not get served by a single soul. Not one person would attend to this man!

A one off incident or a common occurance? I too have been on the receiving end of bad or totally nonchalant service by people who are apparently paid to do just that…serve!


I get it: with the advent of online shopping we have stumbled upon a new phase of retail ,a new frontier, but have we let the whole notion of providing a service in exchange for goods go down the drain? Has the click and pay revolution of online retailing heralded the death of the true shopping experience, where customer needs were tended to and products were found according to the individual?

Customer service is in my opinion the most important differentiator to set the retail stores apart from the online store. If only retailers harnessed this resource and used it to provide the ultimate shopping experience we rarely get to experience in todays malls.


Maybe their loss is my gain!


As a bespoke label our greatest asset is the ability to go over and beyond what the customer can expect in a retail experience. We are almost obliged to give the customer what shops often can’t provide. At Sixborn, we help people achieve their goals of looking great through tailor made clothing and styling tips, which makes me, as Creative Director feel amazing and hopefully it will make them feel that way too.


So if you want to experience some of that old-school customer service and enjoy the shopping experience that you are missing, contact Sixborn for truly personalised and unique service, tailor made for you!


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