Everyone’s Crazy For a Sharp Dressed Man




If you’re not born brilliant or you don’t have the ability to solve mathematical equations that prove the existence of extra dimensions in space, then the chances are you were born (like me), average.

Being average in no way should limit you, some of the most successful humans have recognised their shortcomings and risen to the top of their game in spite of it. What sets them apart is their above average passion to be successful and prosperous.

In order to tap into this prosperity I have been researching ways to set myself apart. To feel as though I have the power, when to the average person nothing about me has really changed.

I’ve taken to reading books by people claiming to have the solutions to my Mr Average status. These professionals have been telling me that if I set my intentions, then the success will come to me. If I set my mind on it , then by sheer force of will success will be guaranteed.

The more I read about this phenomenon the more interested that I become. Are they really saying that the way to success, wealth and or happiness is within me?

Surely this theory is too easy?

Napolean Hill from his book Dress for Success- the Psychology of Good Clothes expressed this exact notion, that there is a close connection between clothes and success. Clinical Psychologist Dr Jennifer Baumgartner explains ‘when you dress in a certain way, it helps shift your internal self’.

In essence both of these authors have come to the conclusion that the way that we dress can impact positively on ourselves and the way that others perceive us.

Next time you are called into a board meeting, check out who you are checking out. Chances are it is the guy or the girl who is impeccably dressed and groomed. The impression they make on you will be remembered long after the meeting is finished.

They are no better than you , but they learnt that to set themselves apart they had to dress the part. They backed themselves in, and made you believe in them, they way that they believed in themselves.

Do a little experiment with yourself (don’t get awkward), when you are preparing for your next meeting,┬árock out your best suit, visit the pletheroa of hipster barber/ hair salons in your area and dress like your the CEO of some big Corporation. Corporation YOU. I bet on my Grandmothers boots that people will start taking notice as soon as you walk in and will be wondering who the “new” guy is! This kind of attention will help you get your foot in the door and set a whole new agenda for yourself.

People appreciate the effort and will think of you in a more positive way which is perfect if you are in line for a promotion or a pay rise!

So remember if you weren’t born brilliant you can dress for success and give yourself an upper hand….because as they say everyone IS crazy for a sharp dressed man.


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