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Knowledge Is Power

The thing about fashion is that one day your wearing skinny legged trousers, and the next your being asked to wear flared pants. It’s a never ending ebb and flow of ideas and colours, cuts and trends. Fashion can be about the pulse of the world, the economy,  or the overall attitude of society. Fashion never stops, you either go with it or go without it.

Yet, Fashion is probably the most misunderstood of all the creative industries, it is an enigma that most of us are ashamed to acknowledge we are part of. Yet each one of us is impacted by it daily. The decisions we make as to what we wear are determined years before by Fashion Designers and the Fashion Industry, the industry most of us denounce of ever having any knowledge about.

The fact we know very little about the Fashion Industry, means that we make decisions to clothe ourselves blindly and we allow other people to make decisions about how we adorn our bodies.

Sometimes it can be our partners, friends, families, or too many tacky TV programs, who influence our style. We empower others to help define us, how we look as we move through the world. You see it everyday, men being dragged around shopping malls, with badly advised haircuts and clothes that are way inappropriate, having being told that look like a better version of themselves.

This could all be avoided if we accepted that Fashion can be an important part of our day. Business men at the top of their game are always usually groomed well, suits pressed, hair coiffed. It’s no coincidence that some of the highest paid jobs often carry a dress code. But the dress code isn’t specifically about the exact cuts of suits or the latest must have fabrics, but really a code of “Best Self”. Dressing as a way of respecting future clients who will invest in your expertise, and knowledge.

My best piece of advice is treat fashion as you would the gym, or any other routine. Little bits and more often can help a lot more, than big twice yearly shops. The more you research about the things you like the better the decisions you will make when you do finally decide to go out shopping, and the more like your “Best Self” you will become.

Because as they say, knowledge is power

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